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For estimating your shipping costs via Hikyaku Express, Hikyaku Large Size Express, or Hikyaku Cool Express services, please use the convenient rate finder we have provided here. *The search result will indicate the rate of a one-way shipment of a single package.

Shipping fees are calculated by delivery distance (distance between departure and destination prefectures), package sizes (the sum of the three dimensions and the weight), and Shipping method (standard, Refrigerated, Land, or Air).

Sender (Departure)
Recipient (Destination)
Sum of the package’s three dimensions (L + W + H)
cm or less
  • For the rate of a golf bag, please select 140 cm for the sum of the package's three dimensions (L + W + H).
  • To use Hikyaku Cool Express, the sum of the three dimensions of a package must not exceed 140 cm.
kg or less
  • To use Hikyaku Cool Express, the package weight must not exceed 30 kg.
Shipping method
  • If you are using a round-trip service, please select standard transportation. (The calculated result will show the rate of a one-way shipment.)
  • The result of a search conducted here will indicate the rate using ground shipping. For the rates using air freight shipping, please check the price lists for Hikyaku Air Express and Hikyaku Just Time Express.

Price List

This list gives transport fees for our main services to all areas of Japan.

Collection and delivery (Land/Air)

  • Regarding shipping fees for other services, please refer to a page of your desired service, or contact our sales office in charge.
  • When contacting us, please inform us of your package size, category, weight, and desired delivery time to respond swiftly to your questions.

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