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Inquiries about packages are handled by the sales office in charge of your area. Please search for the location in charge of your area using the form below.

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Additional charges of up to 10 yen for 20 seconds will apply when using NTT's Navi Dial service (numbers starting with "0570").
Please note that this service is not covered under a mobile phone's free minutes or flat-rate plans, such as Kake-hodai (unlimited calls).

Customers using a 050IP phone should call from a landline, cell phone or PHS when calling a Navi Dial number.

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Please see the information below if you would like to pick up a package at a sales office or service center.

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Our sales office receives inquiries regarding package pickup, drop off/ pickup at sales office, package delivery status and service details, etc.

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Service centers accept package drop-off for shipping and pick-up at the service center.

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2. SAGAWA EXPRESS grants to the User the following rights concerning the Data. The User shall not obtain any other rights concerning the Data.

(1) To view the Data shown on this website by using a web browser.
(2) To print out the map Data on paper media within the range of private use set forth in the Copyright Act using a web browser utilized by the User (Data printed out in accordance with this item shall be hereinafter referred to as “Reproduction Results”).

Article 2 (Compliance Rules)
The User shall comply with the following conditions.

(1) Except for the cases authorized in the preceding paragraph, the User shall not reproduce (including printing), transcribe, extract, process, modify, adapt, transmit, or use in any other way in whole or in part by any means whatsoever.
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(3) The User shall not use or utilize in the form that the Reproduction Results are bundled such as bookbinding, books, filings, etc., or in the form that the Reproduction Products are stuck together.
(4) The size of the printed map shall be A3 or smaller.

Article 3 (Warranty)
The User shall acknowledge that the Data may not necessarily meet the User’s purposes of use or demand, and that the entire Data may not be accurate or complete, and SAGAWA EXPRESS shall not be liable for any exchange, repair, refund, or any other responsibilities if such matters occur.

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(4) In cases where the operation of this website becomes unfeasible to due to any troubles, etc., of this website.

3. SAGAWA EXPRESS may terminate the operation of this website at SAGAWA EXPRESS’s discretion.

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