Nishikanto Branch Office Sales Branches and Offices

Please always make sure that the phone number you are dialing is correct.

The maximum call charge to the Navi Dial number that starts with "0570" is 10 yen per 20 seconds.
Please note that different mobile phones' no-charge calls or flat-rate calls, such as Kake-hodai (unlimited calls), may not cover this call.

Also, if you are using 050IP Phone, call from a landline telephone or a mobile phone/PHS when making an inquiry to the Navi Dial number.

Santama Sales Office

Sales office ID:7130

4-8-1, Haijima-cho, Akishima City, Tokyo, 196-0002 Japan


Musashimurayama Sales Office

Sales office ID:7131

2-60-1, Inadaira, Musashimurayama City, Tokyo, 208-0023 Japan


Higashimurayama Sales Office

Sales office ID:7245

5-33-1, Ontacho, Higashiyurayama City, Tokyo, 189-0011 Japan


Mitaka Sales Office

Sales office ID:7133

1-14-5, Nozaki, Mitaka City, Tokyo, 181-0014 Japan


Musashino Sales Office

Sales office ID:7135

3-14-14, Hanakoganei, Kodaira City, Tokyo, 187-0002 Japan


Machida Sales Office

Sales office ID:7136

1-1-18, Wakamatsu, Minami-ku, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, 252-0334 Japan


Hachioji Sales Office

Sales office ID:7230

2-21-1, Hyoe, Hachioji City, Tokyo, 192-0918 Japan


Fussa Sales Office

Sales office ID:7240

2217-1, Fussa, Fussa City, Tokyo, 197-0011 Japan


Fuchu Sales Office

Sales office ID:7241

3-33-25, izumi, Kunitachi City, Tokyo, 186-0012 Japan


Inagi Sales Office

Sales office ID:7343

2130-1, Momura, Inagi City, Tokyo, 206-0804 Japan


Yamanashi Sales Office

Sales office ID:7040

889 Aza-Oshima, Tsuijiarai, Showa-cho, Nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture, 409-3853 Japan


Tsuru Sales Office

Sales office ID:7041

4829 Ohata, Tsuru City, Yamanashi Prefecture, 402-0045 Japan


Koshu Sales Office

Sales office ID:7043

920-1, Kokubu, Ichinomiya-cho, Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, 405-0074 Japan


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